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The New York law office of Richard M. was founded by an attorney who is dedicated to helping those injured in construction site accidents get the justice that they deserve.

Construction litigation attorneys in New York City have a challenging job, they obviously have to take care of their clients and make sure that they are physically cared for in some capacity while pursuing Justice on their behalf under rather strict rules and guidelines, particularly statutes of limitation that limit construction site accidents and the time frames with which individuals have to file a notice of action leading to a civil suit. Oftentimes workers can be injured on the job, under circumstances that would be considered negligent, but they often choose, not knowing all the ramifications of such a choice, to struggle through the pain in the hopes that it would just get better. when they do that, and a couple years pass by, they missed their window of opportunity for filing a lawsuit.

New York construction litigation lawyer, Richard M. Kenny, knows this reality all too well, as it was similar circumstances that robbed him of his father many years ago before he was able to introduce his father to his new granddaughter. Mr. Kenny, who represents Construction workers who have been injured on the job, keeps his father's Union card as a reminder what he views as his duty to help others in a similar position to his father many years ago.

This has made Richard M. Kenny and his law office to come to be viewed as some of the best go-to legal experts in New York City for handling construction injury litigation, as well as all other sorts of cases. The Law Office of Richard M. Kenny's Construction Litigation division can be reached via their website, or by calling 212-421-0300.

"Workers who are injured on the job site should immediately seek medical attention to make sure that there are no severe problems that need to be taken care of immediately, but after that, they should speak as quickly as possible to a competent construction site litigation attorney. The attorney's job is to do all that is required to make sure that their client has the best possible chance of being rendered a successful verdict that can help them to cover the pain and suffering and cost for medical care and therapy that can come along with a job site accident. They are always mindful of the various statutes of limitation, and can Richard M. Kenny accident law office also help to preserve the Integrity of the accident scene in a way that most individuals simply cannot," Said a representative for the law office of Richard M. Kenny.

Persons injured in construction site injuries need to know what their rights are - and how they can be compensated for their construction site accident - and the single fastest way to do that is to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer who specializes in this area of law. In the boroughs of New York City, including Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx, persons looking to speak to a construction injury attorney should contact the Law Office of Richard M. Kenny at 212-421-0300 and speak to an attorney specialist at no cost. More information can be found on their website

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